Clicking on conversations in the main navigation brings you to the conversations section.

Here you can access the complete list of users that interacted with your bot and scroll through the entire conversation.


To read through a conversation, simply click the name of a user.


Conversations are grouped by users and by sessions:

  • Sessions: by default, session are set considered to be 10 minutes long, any interaction happening within the same 10 minutes window will be grouped within the same session.

  • Users: the way users are identified varies greatly depending on the channel where the bot has been deployed because different channels grants access to a varying degree of user information. For example, on Facebook Messenger, we get access to the First and Last name of the user, thus the conversations initiated by the same user are grouped together. On the other end, on the web channel, the bot cannot identify by name, thus conversations cannot be grouped by user and instead they will all be show as independent conversations.