The CMS allows you to create, edit and delete flows for bots to that are not connected to any testing or development channel. This is because a channel is not required until you want to see the bot in action.

After you have created your first flows and dataset, you may want to see how the bot reacts to user inputs and how the components looks within the ui of the channel.

To do that, you have to connect the bot to a test channel. (Learn more about testing channels and how to set them up read HERE)

At this point, clicking PREVIEW will redirect you to the testing channel interface where you can test how your bot looks and and the NLP performs.


If you are satisfied with the result, you can click PUSH LIVE.

Pushing the bot live will deploy the bot to the production channel you have chosen. (Learn more about production channels and how to set them up HERE)


At this point the CMS is creating a duplicate of your development bot and dataset and deploying them to the production channel you have chosen. Once the process is complete you will get a notification from the CMS.


But what happens when you want to make changes to the bot while it is being used in production?

Doing so will break the bot for live user and result in a poor experience.

To solve this problem, the CMS creates a copy of your bot that you can use to develop and test new functionalities for the bot without the risk of breaking the experience for live users.

To make changes to the development bot, simply make changes in the flow builder as you are used to.

To reflect those changes in the testing channel for review, simply click SAVE.


The changes won’t be reflected in the LIVE bot until you click on the PUSH LIVE button.

NOTE: the dataset is retrained every time you save a development bot and every time you push the bot live.