Conversation Design (CD) is a term not yet settled, and this take is BotSupply’s definition thereon, rooted in design. 

CD is first and foremost about creating with- and for human language. The rationale behind the potential of CD is that it allows that machines to enter the human arena - not the other way around. The more a conversation-based product support natural human behaviour, the more humane and meaningful we believe the technology can work in tandem with humans. 

CD as a field thus applies knowledge of UX, PD, HCI and linguistics in combination with NLP- and bot technologies, to create conversational products and experiences on the premise of multiple stakeholders. In our view, CD is therefore equally about thoughtfully identifying- and working with problems that conversational UI’s could solve, as well as the concrete techniques of creating the chat-based products in a designerly and collaborative way.

To carry out CD is thus partially about using knowledge of underlying technologies, mediums, limitations, theory and processes, and part applying methods and tools to learn and make qualified decisions in an iterative process.