The block list shows all the blocks that have been created within a specific flow.

At the top of the block list is a search bar that allows you to search for other flows and navigate to them when needed.

Under the search bar, you have the starting block.

Think of the starting block as the introductory block of the flow. 

When you click on a flow from the flow library, the flow builder opens and the starting block of the flow is displayed in the block canvas by default.

To avoid confusion, we highlight the active block in green so you always know which block are you working on.

To create new blocks within the flow, simply click on the Create New Block button under the starting flow.

Doing so will create a new block and open the block canvas for that block.

To rename a block, simply double click on the block name and type in the new name.

All the blocks you create will be visible in the block list below the starting block.

As always, we highlight the active block in green to avoid confusion.

If you add quick replies at the end of a flow to navigate the user to a different flow or block, the quick replies will show in the block list below the block name.