The component list shows all the components that can be added to block.

To add a component simply click on it and it will be added at the bottom of the block.

The CMS offers 10 components out of the box:

  • Text: adds a plain text component to the block
  • Image: adds an image component to the block
  • Card: adds a rich media card component to the bloc
  • Gallery: adds a configurable gallery of rich media cards to the block
  • Audio: adds an audio file component to the block
  • Video: adds a video file component to the block
  • File: adds a file sharing component to the block
  • Delays: allows you customize the delay between components
  • YAML: allows you to configure complex integrations with first party systems

  • Quick Replies: allows you to add clickable buttons to the block

Important note: not all components are supported by all channels and not all channels support the same components int he same way. Read the channel specific documentation for more details on components support.