The BotSupply template it's a website chat widget designed by BotSupply that enables you to deploy a chatbot on any website.

To setup the BotSupply template navigate to the channels section, click on web channels in the channels list and then click CONNECT on the BotSupply template channel card.

This will open a model where you will be able to configure the settings for the BotSupply testing channel:

  • Channel Enabled: this turns the testing channel on and off

  • Opens at Start:¬†if this setting is enabled, the bot will start automatically without the need for a user to type an input first.

  • Persist user conversation: if this is enabled, the bot will persist the conversations.


  • Color: this setting allows you to choose the color of the preview section

  • Picture: this setting allows you to change the bot profile picture displayed in the preview section


  • Domains: this is a list of whitelisted domains where the bot can be deployed [not relevant]

  • Top bar headline: this is the main headline displayed in the top bar of the bot widget

  • Title: this is the main title that appears under the top bar of the bot widget

  • Subtitle: this should be considered as a short description of the bot that appears under the title

  • Text Input Field: this allows you to customize the placeholder that is displayed in the text input field of the bot


  • Choose starting message: here you can choose what is the first Flow or Block that the bot should send at the beginning of the conversation.


Once you have customized all the settings, click DONE to complete the configuration of the BotSupply template channel.

To use the BotSupply template channel, simply copy the code snippet and paste it in the header section of the pages where you would like the bot to appear.

If the widget is setup correctly, you will se a bot icon appear in the bottom right corner of the page when you load your website.