To deploy a bot live on Freshchat, go to Channels > Live Channels > Freshchat and click Connect.

1 - Channel Authentication

In the Channel Authentication section, start by inserting the information about the FreshChat account you would like to connect:

- Channel Name: Give a name to the channel so it's easier to remember

-API url: not all freshchat instances are running in the same cloud region which means that some accounts have a different base url than other. To find the base url, log into your Freshchat account and copy the first part of the url up until the .com part.

- API key: you can find the API key by going to FreshChat > Settings > API tokens > Generate Token and copying the new token

If you have added all the necessary details, the verify connection button will turn on:

Click "Verify Connection" and wait for the connection to be successful and for the web-hook to be generated. If the connection is successful the button will turn green like this:

A webhook will be generated for you, copy it:

Now go to your FreshChat account > Settings > WebHooks > Enable and past the webhook in the correct field as shown below. Also, don't forget to add your email address to receive failure notifications in case something is not working with the webhook.

You can ignore the RSA key section and click SAVE.

If everything is setup correctly, Freshchat will confirm that the "WebHook configuration has been successfully update"

Now, go back to the Freshchat channel configuration page in the BotSupply CMS to complete the configuration.

2 - Bot User Authentication

Here's where you specify the details of the FreshChat agent and FreshChat group that you have create for the bot.

If you haven't create a new agent and group yet, this is the time to do it. You can follow THIS article on how to create a new agent in FreshChat and THIS article on how to create a new group.

- Email of the bot user: add the email of the agent yo have created in Freshchat for the bot

- Bot group: add the name of the group you have created for the bot in Freshchat.

3 - Channel Configuration

Here you can configure the channel in Freshchat where you want the bot to appear.

For example if you only want the bot to appear on the support channel in Freshchat you can configure it here.

- Topics: add here the name of the FreshChat topics where you want the bot to appear

- Starting message: chose the starting message of the bot, this is the message that the bot will send to the user first.

4 - Handover Settings

Here you can configure how the bot is handing over the conversation to the agents and taking the conversation back once the issue is solved.

- Agent Handover Group: this is the name of the group where you would like the bot to hand-over the conversation when the handover is triggered. (Field is case sensitive)

- Handover Start Message: this is the message that the bot will send to the user after the handover has been triggered

- Handover Stop Message: this is the message that the bot will send to the user once the conversation is assigned back to it

- Chat Timeout: this is the amount of time where a chat can be inactive "between the bot and the agent" before the chat is reassigned to the bot

Once you have added all the field, the save button will activate, click SAVE and the channel will be ready to activate.

To activate, the channel, simply switch the enable toggle and the bot will be activated and start respond to customer on Freshchat.