An intent dataset is a dataset that contains data about user's intent. In simple terms, intent datasets are used to teach the bot to understand what the user wants, his intention, what is he asking for. 

(You can read about user's intent and why they are important HERE)

These datasets contains 2 pieces of information: 

  • Intent Name
    • This is the name that you want to give to your intent. You can name the intent whatever you want but the best practice is to do it in way that reflects the the actual intent of the user. For example, if you are adding an intent to cover the multiple ways a user can ask to reset his password, a good name for the intent would simple be "Password Reset".

  • Variations
    • These are the different ways the users can express their intent. For example "How do I reset my password" or "can you help me resetting my password". There is no limit in the number of variations you can add to intent, but to work properly we recommend to add at least 10 variations to each intent you add to your dataset.