Workplace is an enterprise connectivity platform developed by Facebook and featuring tools like groups, instant messaging and News Feed.

To make your bot accessible for all the users of your Facebook Workplace organization, follow these simple steps:

In the CMS, go to Channels > Live Channels > Facebook Workplace and click Connect

If you are not logged into your workplace account, you will first be redirected to the Facebook Workplace authentication screen. Insert your email address and click continue.

Add your password, and then click log in.

At this point you will be presented with a popup that will ask you to grant permission to BotSupply to access your account to deploy your bot.

If you want the bot to be available to all the users across all the groups in your organization, select All groups and then click Add to Workplace to confirm

If you want to limit access to the bot only to a subset of users in your organization, select specific groups, add the name of the gorups and then click Add to Workplace to confirm.

At this point you have authorized botsupply to deploy your bot on your Facebook Workplace account and you will be presented with a confirmation screen like the one below. simply close it and look for your bot in the account.

Your bot is not available for everyone to use. You can find it in the main menu on the left scrolling all the way to the bottom in the bots section.

The bot settings will be accessible via the Integrations menu. If you need to uninstall the bot, go to Manage > Integrations > BotSupply > Uninstall.