The Facebook Messenger channels allows you to make your bot accessible to all the users of the Facebook Messenger platform.

To deploy your bot on Facebook Messenger using the BotSupply Facebook App, go to;

Channels > Live > Facebook Messenger > Botsupply Facebook App and click Connect

At this point you will be asked to grant permission to connect to Facebook to fetch the list of your Facebook Pages, click connect.

You will be shown a list of all your Facebook pages, select all the pages you want to make available to botSupply to deploy your bot and click next.

You will then be asked to confirm the permission level you want to grant to BotSupply. We only request the permission level needed for the bot to work so go ahead and click done. (Please not that if you change the permission level in this window the bot will not work as expected).

If the integration is successful, you will be presented with a confirmation screen like this. Click ok to move on.

You will then be redirected back into the CMS and presented with the complete list of Facebook Pages that you can use to connect your bot. Pick the one you want and click connect.

Select the flow that you would like to use as starting point for the bot, and click save.

Congratulations, your bot is now deployed on Facebook Messenger using the BotSupply Facebook App and it will be accessible to all the users of Facebook Messenger.