The confidence threshold sets the minimum level of confidence that the bot should have before sending a specific reply to the user.

If you want to make sure that your bot sends certain replies only when it is absolutely sure, you can adjust the confidence threshold of the bot.

If the confidence is above the threshold, the bot will reply with the flow or block connected to the intent that has been recognized. 

If the confidence is below the threshold, the bot will reply with a fallback message. You can read how how to configure a fallback message HERE.

To adjust the threshold, go to Datasets and click on Dataset Settings:

The default confidence value for all new bots is 50%.

Increasing the threshold increases the accuracy of the bot response but it will also increase the likelihood of the bot sending a fallback message.

Decreasing the threshold decreases the accuracy of the bot response and the likelihood of a fallback being sent.

As a general advice, the more intents you add the higher the threshold will have to be to make sure that the bot responds with the correct intent.