If you have multiple teams working with your Freshchat account, like ‘Sales’, ‘Support’, or ‘Marketing’, you can create those teams in Freshchat as Groups.

Go to Settings > Groups > Add Group

You can set up Business Hours for your different teams, across regions, to keep customers in the loop about your business's availability. 

Once you create Groups, you can assign/auto-route incoming messages to different Groups instead of individual agents. Agents who are available/free can then pickup conversations and start replying.

You can edit group details/delete groups anytime by clicking on the drop-down option against the Group name.

For the chatbot, setup the group as follows:

- Group Name: Chatbot Group

- Group Description: This is the group for the BotSupply bot

- Team Members: Add the Agent you have created for the bot (if you haven't created an agent yet, you can do so by following THIS guide)

- Business Hours: ignore this