Adding possible misspells to your entities increases the accuracy of the entity detection system. Once you enable misspell detection, BotSupply will automatically generate a list of relevant misspells.

To enable misspell detection for a single entity, simply enable the checkmark on the entity page and adjust the sensitivity of the system to your liking.

To enable misspell detection for all you entities at once, click on the 3 dots menu next to the create entity button and go to entity settings.

NOTE: enabling misspell detection for all entities will override any existing misspell detection configuration you may have created for single entities.

Here you can set the sensibility of the misspell detection feature. "very low" will generate a smaller list of misspells while "very high" will generate an extensive list of misspells. The recommended sensitivity depends on the use cse.

To see the list of misspells that the system has generated for each entity, click on the 3 dot menu next to each entity and then "see misspellings".