The entity component enables you to configure Named Entity Recognition directly from the flow builder.

to get started, click on the entity button on the component menu to add an entity component to the block.

The entity component will be highlighted in red until you configure the entity that the bot should recognize.

To configure the entity, click on the 3 dots menu. Here you'll be able to specify:

  • Entity: this is the entity that the bot needs to recognize. Here you will be able to choose between all the standard and custom entities that you have created.

  • Returned value: this is the name of the variable where the user input will be stored. For example, if you are trying to extract a name, you could call the returned value "User First Name". You will then be able to use that value programmatically anywhere in the bot by calling $User-first-name in any text block.

  • Fallback message: this is the specific fallback message that the bot will return to the user when no entity has been extracted.

once you have configured all values, click Done. You will be presented with an additional component where you can specify the prompt message for the entity. 

The prompt message is the message that the bot sends to the user to ask for the entity the first time.

You can configure more than 1 prompt message and the bot will shuffle through them randomly in order not to ask for entities always in the same way.

To add more variations, click on on the double arrow icon and add more variations as you see fit.

You can also create more complex entity extraction flows that require more than 1 entity to complete. 

For example when you need both the phone number and the email address of the user before progressing to the next step.

In order to do that, you will first have to add another entity block after the one you have just created.

In this way, the bot will iterate through the prompts and the fallbacks until all the required information has been collected from the user.

If any of the entities are not reco