Before you start the process of connecting your bot to Zendesk chat, make sure to have a user you can connect it to as the bot needs his own dedicated user in Zendesk to be able to work.

Follow the instructions in THIS article to learn how to create a user for your bot.

Once the bot user is ready, go to Zendesk Chat in the channel section of BotSupply and click "Connect".

Start by giving a name to your channel that makes it easy for you and your team to recognize it and then paste the subdomain of your Zendesk portal in the Zendesk portal url field and click connect.

At this point you will redirected to a page where Zendesk Chat will ask you to allow "BotSupply Integration" to access your Zendesk Chat account. Click allow to grant permission and continue in the configuration.

You will then be redirected to BotSupply to complete the configuration of your bot. First, you will have to specify the Zendesk chat department where your bot user will be assigned to. 

NOTE: for the integration to work as expected, the bot user needs to be the only agent assigned to his own department.

Next you will have to set a starting block, which is the first block that will be shown to the user when starting a new conversation.

Last, you will have to configure the handover settings which determine the way the bot transfers conversations to other agents in Zendesk Chat.

You will first have to specify the Handover Department which is the department to which the bot will assign the conversation during an handover.

Then you have to specify the message that will be sent to the user to confirm that the conversations is being routed to a human agent 'Handover start message" and that the conversation is being routed back to the bot "Handover stop message".

Last, you should configure the Chat Timeout, which is the amount of time the bot waits for a user response during the human agent's session. After this the human agent automatically disconnects and the bot starts receiving messages again.

Click save to enable the channel.