Analytics support docs documentation

The Analytics section helps you to monitor, analyze and evaluate your chatbot’s performance. 

Categories: The BotSupply Analytics are divided into the following categories:

  • Users

  • Interactions

  • Actions

  • NLP Engine

  • Intents

  • Entities

  • Call to Action

  • Custom KPIs 

Time range: You can apply a time range filter at the top to control the time range for which the data is displayed. Choose a default time range, or set a custom one if you need to see data from a specific period. Remember to click “apply” before the chosen data will load in the plots.

Download plots: From the settings options at the top of the analytics section, you have different options. One of them is to download the dashboard as an image (png file). Be aware that you will only download the chosen category when you do this.

Tip: Moving away from the analytics section in the CMS will clear the filters. So a good tip is to use two separate tabs in your browser if you are analyzing the plots while working in other parts of the CMS simultaneously.