To use a bot in Teams, you must register it with the Azure Bot Service. Lucky for you, this is done automatically when you set up your app using the Teams Toolkit.

You still must specify an endpoint address to receive and process user messages (i.e., requests) sent to the bot. 

This endpoint is generated directly by BotSupply after you provide the Bot ID and API key.

To do so, go to

  1. Visual Studio Code, select Microsoft Teams on the left Activity Bar and choose Open Microsoft Teams Toolkit.

  2. Go to Bots > Existing bot registrations and select the bot you created during setup.

  3. Copy the BotID and paste it in the Microsoft Application ID field in the channel configuration page of BotSupply.

  4. Do the same with the Microsoft Application Password

  5. Click Connect, your bot will authenticate with the Azure bot framework and BotSupply will generate a unique webhook for your bot.

  6. Copy the webhook, go over to Visual Studio Code > Bots > Bot Management and paste the webhook in the Bot Endpoint Address field.

At this point the Bot is registered with the Azure Bot Frameworks and with BotSupply.

The last step is to connect your bot to a Microsoft Teams account and deploy it to a channel.