The company admin can create, delete and manage users in the company account. 

When you log in to your company admin account, you will meet the same interface as normal users. 

The only difference between you and normal users, are the settings that will appear as you click the top right corner and go to "Administration".

You are now looking at the Admin control panel. From here you can manage different aspects of your CMS account and chatbot teams. 

Go to "Manage users".

From here you can create, edit and delete users.

Create: When you create a new user, you have to assign that user an email and a password. The email should be that person's work-email. You choose the password - make sure that it is strong. If you want to create one more company admin, you can do so by clicking on "Company" on the left-hand side and push the "Add administrator" button.

Delete: You can permanently delete users by clicking the three dots, and tap the delete-button. This way the user won't be able to log in again.

Edit: If you go to edit, you can see that users work-history in the CMS account. Furthermore, you can tap the edit icon to assign a new password to the user.

TIP: Make sure to save a list for yourself internally with all the users and their login-credentials.