The company admin can create, delete and edit bots, as well as assign them to teams.

First, navigate to the "Bots" section on the left-hand side of the screen. From here you have an overview of all the bots on your company account and can see who last worked on the bot(s).

Create and delete bots: Click the three dots to either delete or edit a bot. Or click the "add new bot" -button to create a new one. 

Edit bots: If you click on "edit" you are directed to the specific bot where you can update the bot name, add an icon for the bot that will appear on the first landing page when users log into the CMS. 

Finally, you can write a bot-description for users to read a bit of context for the bot and assign the bot to a specific team. This way, only users assigned to that team, will be able to work on the chatbot.