Deploying your bot to Zendesk Support allows you to automate ticket replies as if they were normal chat conversations, by using a caombination of natural language processiong and macros.

To deploy your bot to Zendesk Support, go over to Channels > Zendesk Support > Connect.

Start by naming your channel so that you can distinguish it from other channels you may have already deployed your bot.

Next you will have to authenticate into your zendesk account by using the credentials of an agent or admin user.

NOTE: the bot will have the same access rights as the user you authenticate with, so depending of the use case you may want to use admin or agent credentials.

To authenticate into your Zendesk Support account, add your email address, base API url and token in the respective fields and click verify connection


Once the connection is established, we will generate a webhook that you will past in your Zendesk account to complete the integration process.

First, copy the webhook url.

The head over to Zendesk Support > Admin > Extensions > Add target > Http target, fill int he requested info and paste the webhook in the url field, then click create webhook.

Congratulations, you have connected your Zendesk Support and BotSupply account.