The Reset Entity Values action allows your bot to clear/forget entity values that your bot has collected. It allows resetting the entity values at any point of the conversation without interrupting the ongoing session.

You can either reset all entity values or reset chosen values.

By using this action your bot will forget the entity value that the user has provided earlier in the flow and will override it with the new entity value.

Some of the use cases for Reset Entity Values action:

  • Bot asks the user to choose a pizza topping, e.g. entity ${pizza-topping}. Now, you would assume that the user will want more than one topping. In this case, you can reset chosen values for ${pizza-topping} entity to allow the user to continue adding more toppings.

  • The user is looking for some information on companies. The bot will provide answers based on the company name, e.g. entity ${@company-name}, and other company details that the user has provided in the conversation. Now, the user wants to see information about a different company. You can use reset chosen values for ${@company-name} entity, while not disrupting the previous conversation.