To connect with Oracle Integration Cloud, start by going to integrations > Oracle Integration Cloud > Connect.

Start by giving a name to your integration so that you can distinguish it from other integrations you may have created in the past.

Next, past the base url of your Oracle Integration Cloud account in the respective field and click connect.

The following steps walks you through how to retrieve the needed URL for the steps explained above:

  1. Download the file from the integration description in the CMS

  2. Go to your OIC instance, and inside the integrations tab, import the file:

  3. Now you’ll find the following integration in the list, click activate

  4. Click the ‘Run’ button, and copy the link

  5. Go to the CMS, add a name, and paste the link 

  6. Now OIC is connected to the bot. You can modify your OIC connection as needed and connected to any external services you need. Once you’re done, repeat the steps from 3~5.