By using conditions or IF/THEN/ELSE statements you can interlink conversations based on a set of rules or logic to solve for your use-case in the CMS. 

You can set up multiple rules for each dialogue to connect to other ones at any point in the flow, and set up redirections based on user's input. 

How to set up IF statement: To set up IF statement, first you will have to set the Variable type. In the drop-down menu select your variable type, e.g. Entity value, Generic, Date/Time.

Based on your Variable type, select Variable. In the example below, Variable type is set to Entity value that is pre-named as "Company name".

Next, you will have to set up an Operator. If you want to read more about Operators, you can do it HERE.

How THEN statement works: Based on the selected Operator, and if it returns true, your bot will proceed to the action selected in THEN window.

In the example below, the bot will proceed to the flow/block called "Favorite-company-info" IF the user will type BotSupply, the Comparison Value

How ELSE statement works: If the user's input is something else or false, bot will proceed to the flow/block called No-company.

You can add more rules to the block, by clicking on "Add rule" button