If you have successfully integrated Zendesk Guide, you are now able to fetch all the articles from the Knowledge Base that you have selected when creating an integration with Zendesk Guide.

Knowledge Base articles should be available for you to use via Knowledge Base Search action within the flow builder. 

After selecting Knowledge Base Search you will be asked to fill in several fields that are required to complete the action.

Select channel: Choose the channel that you want to use for the Knowledge Base Search. You have named the channel when creating an integration with Zendesk Guide.

Use a variable or text as search query: Use a variable ${Variable_Name} or a text that will be searched.

Number of articles to display: Select the number of articles you want your bot to display.

Button label for article links: Name the buttons for your articles, for example, "Click here" or "Read this article".

Orientation of results list: Choose vertical if you want your articles to be displayed in a list, or horizontal for a carousel view.

Proceed to destination in case of zero results: Choose what your bot should do in case zero articles are found. For example, you can create a fallback for this, saying, "I am sorry, I didn't find any articles for you. Would you like to look for a different article?".

Show advanced fields: By clicking on "Show advanced fields" you can add extra buttons with URLs that will work as an external link, and will show up together with Knowledge base articles. For example, you can add a button called "What is a Knowledge Base?" and add a URL that leads to Wikipedia Article explaining what is a Knowledge Base.

Once you have filled out all the required fields, press Save. Save your bot and test it in Preview.