By connecting the bot to Zendesk Support channel, you can use the Apply Macro action within the flows. It will allow you to automate ticket replies as if they were normal chat conversations.

Macros are used to execute actions that are configured in your Zendesk Support account. By applying macro, you can change ticket status and send an e-mail to support agents.

To apply macro, use the Action component and select Apply Macro in the toolbar.

Once you select the action, the bot will show rows that must be filled in to complete the action. 

Select a channel and based on it, choose the macro you wish to apply.

Select channel: Choose the channel in which you want to apply macro. You have named the channel when creating a connection to Zendesk Support channel. In the example, we have selected test channel "Support channel zen".

Once you have filled out all the required fields, press Save.

NOTE: Action for Applying Macro is only available when you have connected Zendesk Support as a Channel.