If you have enabled the Freshdesk integration in your bot, you now have the option to create a ticket directly in Freshdesk. 

You can do that by using an Action component in the flow-builder.

Once you select the Create ticket action, the bot will show various rows that need to be filled to complete the action. Please, assign different attributes for each row with respect to what information is required.

Select channel: Choose the channel in which you want to create a ticket. You have named the channel when creating an integration with Freshdesk.

Email prompt: User's email. You can either write the e-mail or use a variable, e.g., ${User-email}, if you have asked for the email before in the flow.

Subject: Ticket's subject, for example "Delivery query".

Description prompt: Describe the problem in text or use a variable, e.g. ${User-description}.

Status: Some of the standard statuses you can apply to a ticket: Open, Pending, Solved, Closed.

Priority: There are four values for priority of tickets: Urgent, High, Medium or Low.

Once you have done with assigning the attributes, press Save.