The analytics for users show data on users interacting with the bot.

The first plot shows a line chart of total users by week, breaking down the number of users in whole weeks.

Active users are users that make a minimum of one interaction with the bot. Bear in mind that opening the bot-widget will in itself trigger an interaction (this has to do with the way the Oracle Digital Assistant works). Here it is broken down into monthly active users and total active users (for the chosen date range).

The next plot gives an overview of the New and Returning users, meaning the number of users that are interacting with the bot for the first time and users who re-visit the bot (in this instance there were no returning users).

Lastly, the Interaction filter can show you the number of users that have interacted with the bot X times, where X is the number of interactions chosen in the filter. In that way, you can analyze the number of users based on their level of engagement.