The last KPI section can be used to count the number of different blocks/components triggered in the bot. This feature can be used to measure strategic blocks in the chatbot. This way, it can also be used to follow up on more custom KPI’s such as “amount of users that send a ticket through the bot”.

To track the right blocks/flows/components, you first need to find and insert the associated Component ID and copy+paste it into the field in the plot. Here is a walkthrough of how to find the Component ID’s:

Go to the block you want to track (remember to do it in a different browser tab to avoid resetting the analytics filters) -> If you hover over the first component in the block with the cursor, three dots icon will appear next to it. Click on the three dots.

Now, the text code for the Component ID will appear. Copy that code, and paste it into the component ID field inside the analytics field. The number will update automatically.