The IT Helpdesk chatbot can boost both your organization's and team's productivity while driving efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction. 

At BotSupply we have worked on an IT Helpdesk Template that offers a ready-made layout and that will allow you to deploy your chatbot quickly and at a low cost.

This template is customizable, therefore you can adapt it based on your business' needs.

BotSupply's IT Helpdesk chatbot can:

  • Answer your frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Give information on topics like login issuesinternet safetytroubleshooting, and virus protection
  • Guide your customers and employees to find solutions while encouraging independent problem solving

You can customize your chatbot by integrating it with your preferred system, e.g. CRM, and create and check the status of your customers' tickets or incidents.

IT Helpdesk template: Help with Login Issues