BotSupply's Insurance Chatbot is an out-of-the-box bot template that can provide a conversational and engaging experience for your customers, whilst altering how your clients make their financial planning and investment decisions.

The Insurance bot template offered by BotSupply will go beyond the lead generation, delivering efficient and quick claims management via automation.

The Insurance chatbot can:

  • Answer your FAQs
  • Assist in getting a quote
  • Assist in making a claim
  • Provide personalized solutions

BotSupply offers ready-made, customizable templates for Homeowners, Car, Health, Life, and Travel Insurance that you can use as a base and customize accordingly to your business needs.

Insurance bot template: Making a Travel Insurance Claim

You can tailor the Insurance Chatbot template, by simply adding new flows and modifying the existing ones, so that you can address your specific business needs.