In order for you to create “absences” in your bot you will need the following entities:

  1. Date entity; you can turn it on in the list of standard entities in the Manage datasets section of the CMS:

  2. Absence Type entity; this is a custom entity and therefore you will be able to name the values and their synonyms (various absence types, e.g. vacation and sick) yourself:

  3. Employer name variable: you will be able to create this entity directly in the flow (see the pictures/description further down this article);

  4. Person number variableyou will be able to create this directly in the flow (see the pictures/description further down this article).

After having proceeded with these steps, you will go to the flow builder where you will create a new flow and block. Inside the latter create an entity component for each of the two entities you previously enabled: choose the entity name (e.g. @std-date), give it a personalised valueprompt text and fallback message. 

Now, for the last two variables ("employer number" and "-name") create a text component and write something like "Enter person number”. Then create an action and select “Save last user input” and give it a variable name (e.g. “CreateAbsencePersonNumber”). Follow the same logic for Employer name variable.

Then create an action and select  the “Create Absences” action in Oracle HCM, select your preferred integration channel and select the entities you have created in advance. 

Go to the Datasets, add a new intent completing the fields required and connect it to the flow containing the action you have just created. 

Before closing up, add a further action to Reset all entity values so that later the user will be redirected to the new entities. 

Finally you can save your work, check it on the preview and push it live.