When you need to create the “Get Payslips” action for your bot you will need to turn on the following entity in the Manage datasets section of the CMS:

  1. Date entity (you can find it listed as a standard entity).

After having proceeded with this step, you will go to the flow builder where you will create a new flow. Inside the latter create an entity component for the entity you previously enabled: choose the entity name (e.g. @std-date), give it a personalised nameprompt text and fallback message

Then create an action and select the type of action in Oracle HCM, the “Get Payslips” action in this case; fill out the required fields: select your preferred integration channel, set the limit number of the payslips you want to show up and finally select the date entity that you previously enabled as the Payment date entity

Go to the Datasets, add a new intent along with 6-10 variations and connect it to the flow containing the action you have just created. 

Before closing up, save your work, check it on the preview: after typing your intent the bot will ask you for the “payment date” and it will come up with the requested payslips. If you are pleased with how it is looking you can push it live.