When in need to create the “Benefits Coverage” action to use in your bot, the first thing that you will need to do is turn on the following entities in the Manage datasets section of the CMS:

  1. Relation type entity: this is a custom entity therefore you will be able to name the values and their synonyms (e.g. child or spouse) yourself.

  2. Plan type entity; this is a custom entity, therefore you will be able to name the values and their synonyms (e.g. dental, health) yourself.

After having proceeded with these steps, you will go to the flow section in the CMS where you will create a new flow. Inside the latter create an entity component for each of the two entities you previously enabled: choose the entity name (e.g. @RelationType), give it a personalised nameprompt text and fallback message

Now create an action and select Oracle HCM, then “Get Benefits Coverage” action, select your preferred integration channel, set the limit number of the benefits you want to show up and select the entities you have created in advance. 

Go to the Datasets, add a new intent and 5-10 variations and connect it to the flow containing the action you have just created. 

Before closing up, add a further action to Reset all entity values so that later the user will be redirected to the new entities.

Now you can save your work and check it on the preview: after typing the intent the bot will ask you for the “relation type” and “plan type” and it will come up with the requested benefits. If you are pleased with how it is looking you can push it live.