When your bot is connected to the facebook channel through the BotSupply Facebook App or your own personal app (if you have the needed permissions approved), you will have enabled the actions that comes with the facebook channel.

The first key action we have for this is the human handover. When the action is triggered, the user is directed to the human-managed facebook chat, where a live agent can take over the conversation.

The steps for enabling this process are very simple when your bot is first connected to a facebook messenger pager.

First, go to the block where the handover should be triggered:

Then choose the action component in flow-builder and click on “handover to human agent”

Lastly, choose the facebook page that the handover applyes to (i.e. the page that the bot lives on), and click “save”. 


After saving the bot and pushing live, the feature should work.

OBS: Remember that if you are using the facebook channel widget on your website and have the guest-user feature enabled, then the handover will still proceed, but the live agent won’t be able to reply to the user. Therefore we don’t recommend using these features together.

- If you do anyways, write a small message in the flow saying that users should remember to log in as a normal user before reaching out to live agents.