In order to use the ‘Oracle Service Cloud Create Incident’ (and ‘Oracle Service Cloud Knowledge Base’) action, you will need to connect the Oracle Service Cloud Integration as follows:

Once you add the credentials (and filtering options for the KB search), then hit the connect button. 

The "Create ticket" functionality can now be enabled in the flows.

Navigate to the flows section in the CMS and go to or create the flow/block that the user should be able to create the ticket from → then click on the action component in the right side → now you will see the list of actions, where you will also find the ‘Oracle Service Cloud Create Incident’ action. 

This action allows the user to create an incident/ticket by providing the information required. After adding the action, you will be prompted to fill the following fields:

Each of these are the questions that will be presented to the users to fill the details. Once the user reaches that action in the flow, they will be asked to enter their email address. If that email address is not registered, they will be asked to enter their name, followed by the description of the problem. 

You can modify the prompt-text as you like. Once the user answers with the necessary information, an incident will be created on the connected Service Cloud.