The Hotel Chatbot offered by BotSupply is an out-of-the-box bot template that makes customer experience effortless, taking care of your clients' needs from the booking to the end of their stay in your facilities. 

BotSupply's Hotel Chatbot has been accurately created to act as a showroom for your facilities and as a personal hotel reservation agent: the best of both worlds in one click.

The Hotel bot will:

  • Book rooms and events
  • Take in special requests 
  • Provide personalized solutions
  • Aid clients find nearby places
  • Answer clients' FAQs

BotSupply offers ready-made templates which can of course be easily customized by you accordingly to your business needs, although our team is always happy to help you out.

The picture shows the Welcome Message of BotSupply's Hotel Chatbot TemplateThe image shows the last step of the Customer Booking process.In the image the bot displays a carousel of the hotel's services and allows the guest to learn more on those.