BotSupply's University Chatbot is a ready-made template to serve as a helper for present students and future students to come. 

While creating this template, we strived to answer many university life needs in an intuitive design that will allow all your faculty members to be supported at any given day or time. 

The University template proposed by BotSupply has excellent capabilities in enhancing students' experience navigating through their educational journey. The chatbot can:

  • Create personalized schedules
  • Aid students in the application process
  • Showcase your campus and programs
  • Provide grade reports
  • Put students in contact with staff members 
  • Show open days and events

You will be able to customize your chatbot by adding an integrations and by adapting it to your needs all on your own: of course, our team is always there to help you out.

The image shows the Main Menu of BotSupply's University Chatbot where users can choose what to learn more of.In the picture it's shown how the bot can display your university's courses and look at their details and deadlines.

The chatbot is able to dispense specific information on the location, date and overview of your institution's Open Days as shown in the picture.