Simplify processes across your procurement and operations data with an AI-powered chatbot! 

The Procurement Chatbot template built by BotSupply is an out-of-the-box template that can create an effortless customer experience, drive operational efficiencies by automating at scale and streamlining repetitive tasks.

With BotSupply Procurement bot template you can:

  • Automate repetitive tasks within invoice processing
  • Improve finance visibility, productivity, and cost-effectiveness
  • Provide operational support to customers, e.g. give information on orders and shipments
  • Simplify Supplier onboarding by automating onboarding processes and making it easier for both suppliers and your teams
  • Optimize warehouse management, by overseeing stock availability, locating inventory, and obtaining stock counts

And more...

Last but not least - you can save money and resources, by employing standardized automated processes that are natively integrated with your backend systems, allowing you to fetch data and avoid human error.

Procurement Chatbot Template: Tracking Order