BotSupply E-commerce Chatbot template addresses the growing need of customers to reach businesses via a clear communication channel. Employing an automated chatbot solution will allow your company to communicate with your clients round-the-clock while providing customers with an efficient and individualized experience.

E-commerce Chatbot template was created to address the most urgent customer needs that often are the cornerstones of flawless shopping experience:

  • Quick response time without any delays
  • Ability to analyze, understand and respond to customer requests and inquiries.

With the BotSupply E-commerce Chatbot template, you will be able to meet the growing customer needs in multiple ways by:

  • Showing off your products
  • Tracking customer orders
  • Create product refunds
  • Accept payments from customers
  • Provide special discounts

And more...

By integrating the chatbot with your company's back-end systems, you will be able to customize the template based on your business's needs. 

You can easily adapt and tailor the E-commerce Chatbot template to your specific needs, by simply adding new flows and modifying the existing ones.

BotSupply E-commerce Chatbot: Tracking Order